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Sol Palmeras

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Among the hotels in the famous resort of Varadero, Cuba’s main tourist destination, stands out, Sol Palmeras. Its privileged waterfront situation, on the best strip of the white sandy beach, its beautiful gardens and thousands of palms honoring its name, make it the perfect scenario, both for family tourism and for spending your honeymoon.

But, as it is a first-rate All-inclusive hotel, for travelers who love exquisiteness, comfort and exclusivity, we put a range of options at your disposal. Thus, for those who prefer a fresh water swim in a marine environment, the hotel has three pools surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens. And if you like to take care of your health, you can practice golf, windsurfing, sailing, diving, fishing and horseback riding. You are free to choose from the different kinds of restaurants with live music, the three bars and three snack bars that are everyone’s delight. Also, every day, they offer parties and night shows to liven the days you stay at Sol Palmeras.